Korea Institute for Maritime Strategy (KIMS) held the regular BOD meeting of 2019 on February 21 in the meeting room of the institute with the participation of 10 directors including Chairman Chung Eui-Sung and Director Park Kwang-Yong and 2 assistant administrators, 12 people in total.

In his greetings, Chairman Chung extended his gratitude saying, “Thank you very much for the active support and cooperation of the directors and auditor for the development of the institute during the past year and I think it is extraordinary and very desirable that all the directors and auditor participated in the regular board meeting today.” Then the Chairman introduced Director Lee Gi-Joon who was newly appointed in the last special BOD meeting. Then the directors exchanged greetings.

After then, the 2018 business report, the statement of financial position and the income statement were approved; the 2019 business plan and the income and expenditure budget were approved; the agenda item of complementation of the articles of association in Article 5, Organization, and the appointment of Director Lim Jin-Seo to the Head of Fund Management HQ were approved; and resolutions were passed on the reappointment of Directors Kim Jong-Min and Lim Jin-Seo and Auditor Lee Sang-Soo whose terms expire in March 2019, remaining in office of KIMS president Lee Seo-Hang, etc.

In particular, the directors who were present in the BOD meeting suggested various opinions for the development of KIMS saying, “It is necessary to reform the institute according to the latest trend of the high-tech era” and “It is advisable to make more efforts for active PR of KIMS to the public by providing the materials that people want to hear and know through various channels including mobile devices” and presenting many other specific ideas.