The Regular 2019 BOD Meeting of KIMS

Korea Institute for Maritime Strategy (KIMS) held the regular BOD meeting of 2019 on February 21 in the meeting room of the institute with the participation of 10 directors including Chairman Chung Eui-Sung and Director Park Kwang-Yong and 2 assistant administrators, 12 people in total. In his greetings, Chairman Chung extended his gratitude saying, “Thank […]

The 126th KIMS Morning Forum

◎ Theme: “The background and implications of the Indo-Pacific Strategy of the U.S.” ◎ Speaker:  Choi Won-Gi, professor of Korea National Diplomatic Academy ◎ Date & Time: July 3, 2019 (Wed.) 07:30-09:00 ◎ Place: The War Memorial of Korea, Museum Hall Crystal Ballroom (2F) ◎ Participants: Around 200 people   Major contents of presentation  Indo-Pacific […]

발간사 – ‘마중물’의 자세로 국가 해양발전 기여할 터

한국해양전략연구소(KIMS)가 1997년 이른 봄에 창립되었으니 올해로써 어느덧 열여덟 살이 되어 청년기를 맞이하였다. 우리 한민족은 5,000년의 장구한 역사를 자랑하는 영민하고 뛰어 난 민족이지만 서북쪽에는 중국을 위시하여 몽골과…